How people hack a Facebook account and how to not get hacked

How to Keep a Facebook Account Safe from Hackers: SIMPLE things to keep in mind

Facebook has been around for years and though they went through a rough road, they were able to stay through the years. There is always a higher chance of someone obtaining users password through the use of online password hackers like and they can easily login to your account. Good thing, Facebook has its tool to help its members in keeping track of who logs into their account.

Be careful in using your smartphone

A lot of people these days use their smartphones to access their Facebook account or any other social network sites. Even if smartphones offer free access that makes checking of your Facebook account easier and simpler, they also have their way of making hackers hack your accounts. In a lot of countries, the network signal given by service providers are not encrypted, this make hackers easily access the data flowing in between the mobile and the operator. They can have the access to all the information you are sending out and receiving as well.

Always go for secure browsing

Facebook now enables its users to place their profile in a safer mode. This is possible when information is transferred between you and Facebook is encrypted, thus hackers will have a hard time intercepting the information you are sending and receiving. This safe mode is better known as HTTPS secure connection, this is a kind of connection being used by banks, ecommerce, financial institutions and others to secure their most delicate information.

Always observe a secure Facebook account

This option is just for those who want to sign up using their original identity and information. All you need to do is to follow all the account verification procedures mandated by Facebook to make your account secure.

Keep your password safe at all times

Upon signing up with Facebook, make sure you protect your password and never allow anyone to have it. Don’t share it with friends or with anyone whom you don’t know. When you are done with Facebook, make sure you log out again, especially if you are using a public computer.

Be careful and conscious when logging into your Facebook at a computer cafe

It is advisable to never use a public computer when logging into your personal account online like Facebook or email. But if you need to and there is no other choice available, you just have to keep some important things in mind to prevent hackers from hacking your account. First, make sure you never hit the keep me logged in option and never key in your password when someone is around peeping on your keyboard. Another thing, always be modest and make sure you don’t capture others attention while you are using your Facebook or email. Curiosity can make people want to hoax your account. Lastly, log out when you are done.
As you take precautions in securing your account, just make sure you never install untrusted software that offers you free smileys, free chat and other free offers. These usually contain key logging that will trace the strokes on your pc