Free Netflix account Hacks that will Change how you Stream Movies and TV shows

Watching your favorite movie and TV shows on Netflix seem pretty simple and enjoyable. Simply login your free Netflix account and you’re good to go. If you’re a Netflix basic user, this process satisfies you but you’re better than that. It’s actually possible to make your Netflix viewing experience better and harness its ultimate. Below are hack that will change viewing your shows and movies on Netflix forever.

Watch your Shows and Movies in HD

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Getting free Netflix accounts is simpler than you may realise

Netflix Instant streaming subscription comes with HD viewing. But you might not be watching in HD. Upon signing up on Netflix, there is the “Auto” option which is automatically put in place. Fire over to “Your Account” and choose “High” in playback setting to guarantee yourself that you will watch in HD. But be aware that this option sucks more data. So if you watch Netflix on a mobile device, the “Auto” option is the best option.

Delete your Viewing History

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A number of webpages tell you how one can get free Netflix accounts

If you’re too lazy to make different profiles for yourself and your friend on Netflix, there will be a constant fear that he/she will stumble on your viewing history and know that you’re obsessed with reality TV shows. Good news! You don’t have to worry anymore because it’s now easy to delete titles from your viewing history. Head to your account to “Your Account” go to viewing activity and the then hit “X” next to each title you want to delete.

Access Netflix from different Regions

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Countless individuals are eager about getting free Netflix accounts

Are you a big fan of Made in Chelsea and then you realize that you can’t watch it simply because you aren’t in the UK? Luckily with Hola, a google Chrome extension enables you to stream titles only available in specific regional version of Netflix. Once you download this Chrome extension for free, get to the blocked site and click on Hola Chrome extension icon and select which country Netflix you’d like to access.

Get to Know what’s popular

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Individuals are almost always hunting for fresh methods to get free Netflix accounts

You’ll be able to tell the latest or popular titles that have been popular on the site using the aptly-titled Chrome app which is popular on Netflix.

Get most out of Netflix Apple TV

You are probably doing it wrong if you’re indeed using Apple TV to watch Netflix. Double click the up arrow on your remote to access a thumbnail and description of the titles as you’re watching. If you hit the down arrow it will reveal a progress bar with little marks to indicate 20 sections of equal length. When you hit the right and left arrows, you move back and forward between the increments.

Find the titles you want easily

There are websites that makes it easier to find titles on Netflix. is one of the website that will help you to search for popular titles and even the more advanced search based on released date, rating and genre.

Use your Smartphone as a remote

Simply connect your IOS or Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS3 to control the Netflix app on the console game with your Smartphone.